What Is The Gm Ignition Swap Settlement Worth?

General Motors reached a settlement agreement with 49 states and the District of Columbia in October 2017. Amazon has been plagued by controversy regarding the ignition switch. The federal and state governments reached a $120 million settlement. GM settles a claim that it concealed safety concerns related to its faulty switches.

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Automakers face class-action suit over faulty air bags

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What is the Gm Settlement Worth?

General Motors will be paid $121 in settlement funds. The 34 cents will be paid to the attorneys who brought the case. We are not able to estimate the number of insurance lessees and owners might get in this case. It will depend on how many claims have been filed.

How do I file a class-action lawsuit?

An accident lawyer will file a lawsuit asking the court to certify the class that you represent. Before the class can be sued, the class you represent will get training. You won't be prevented from filing any other claim.

Is it worth joining a class action lawsuit?

Yes. Yes. However, a class-action lawsuit doesn't require you to pay upfront. However, your rights to seek compensation separately are. If you are a plaintiff in a lawsuit and suffer more severe injuries than the average, you could be required to pay thousands or even millions of money in damages.

What is the cost of Gm Ignition Shift Economic Settlement?


RESPONSIBLE TO APPLY to NEW ZAIREX FOR THE SETTLEMENT To receive payment from the $121 settlement, a New ZAIREX member must have filed an eligible claim. The settlement fund is $1 million. Any claim must be submitted by April 2021.