What is Direct Primary Care?

Since it first appeared on the healthcare scene in the mid-2000s, direct primary care has increased in popularity. As health insurance becomes increasingly complicated, costly, inconvenient, and confusing, new forms of care are emerging. Patients without health insurance or people who are tired of increasing monthly costs are looking to direct primary healthcare as an alternative to paying for basic medical treatment.

Direct Primary Care is a financial arrangement that is made directly between the patient and the healthcare provider. It takes insurance companies out of the procedure and eliminates the requirement for both providers and patients to file claims for health insurance. You can also look for the best direct family care provider online.

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This is everything you need to learn about direct primary health treatment, and how to determine if it's the right choice for you.

Spend more time with your health provider

Direct primary care doctors can cut down on the time typically spent on creating and filing insurance documents. This allows them to have in-depth sessions and consultations with patients. Primary care clinics that are direct usually are less crowded than practices that accept insurance. 

Prices upfront

In a typical health insurance policy, a patient usually leaves the doctor's appointment with no idea of what is expected of them and what their insurance plan will be charged.  

Accessibility and ease of use

Patients who receive direct primary care typically get same-day or next-day appointments, 30 to 60-minute appointments, and the option of calling or text and video-chat with service anytime.