Trying To Discover The Holy Grail Of SEO?

As an SEO consultant, I keep asking myself the following questions: What's the secret to being number 1 on Google? Most of them were disappointed when they heard my answer. It was like hearing a high-level secret that only a few people had access to.

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The problem lies in the fact that inexperienced SEO consultants and SEO clients believe they can trick or bet search engines to get their website to the top. So it must be a secret to mess up the search engine algorithms when placing a website on the first page. 

Really, these people are right. Secrets are at the top. You can actually spam search engines. The only problem was that these guys got on stage a little late. This secret technique worked five years ago and not anymore! There are times when putting keywords in the title tag, keyword tag, and content works. 

He even works with black hat techniques such as confusion, hidden text, and side doors. But times have changed and so have search engines. Search engines are more powerful, smarter, and much better at delivering the best results to their users. 

There's a good chance if you try this grungy tactic today that you'll be punished and sentenced to anonymity for any length of time on the internet.