Tips For Commercial Real Estate Investment

Commercial real estate  is usually real estate that is rented for commercial and retail purposes. An investment in commercial real estate is the acquisition or construction of real estate built for the purpose of accepting commercial tenants.

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Here are the tips to consider as the real estate agent preparing for the marketing process:

1. A list of plants and equipment contained within the commercial property is normally required at the time of sale and going to contract. 

In a complex property, this is best prepared by an engineer on behalf of the property owner. It may also be necessary to have a quantity surveyor check the detail contained in the list.

2. A list of plants and equipment for future depreciation by the property owner will be of interest to the potential property buyer. The depreciation of plant and equipment within the property will have some benefit by the reduction of taxable income. 

This is normally in the realm and knowledge of property accountants and solicitors. It is advisable to refer sellers and buyers of property to their professional advisors in that regard.

The expert real estate agent should study and control these aspects before the commencement of any marketing of the property in any lease or sale situation.