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Two of the greatest culinary pleasures in life are wine and cheese. Finding the right match can be difficult. There are many factors to consider when pairing wine and food, including texture, acidity, and fat, as well as tannin. 

We have simplified the subject of wine and cheese pairing so that you don't need to add complexity with exotic matches such as Garrotxa or Meursault. You can also buy wine unplugged doubles(also known as wein unplugged Zweigelt in the German language) via many online sources.

At wine bar Augustine, you can taste history by the glass - Los Angeles Times

There are many options for pairing wine and cheese. You can divide cheeses into various categories to simplify your strategy.

Fresh: These can be made from cow, goat, or sheep milk. They are soft and rindless. These cheeses are not aged and have mild, slightly tangy flavors. A bright white goat cheese log is the most iconic. However, there are other types of cheese in this category, such as farmer's cheese and ricotta that can be purchased in tubs.

The bloom of white mold outside is what gives these cheeses their name, Bloomy. These cheeses are the creamiest and most creamy types of cheese. They also have a soft texture that can be spreadable. The rind can be eaten and has a stronger and funkier taste than the interior.

Washed Rind is a bath in beer, wine, or brine that results in an orange rind. They are rich and creamy and can be either soft or semi-soft in texture. They are funkier than traditional bloomy cheeses and have gamy, sometimes pleasantly pungent, notes.

Semi-Soft: These are not spreadable and they don't break down in pieces like hard cheese. They are creamy and mild in flavor. Many kinds of cheese are easy to melt and can be easily sliced. Gouda, for example, is semi-soft in younger cheeses but becomes hard as they age.