How to maintain a luxury watch over years?

A luxury watch (or a high-level watch) costs much more than an ordinary watch, and it will keep you both mentally and physically. It is totally right that people expect it to last for years. However, no matter how expensive or complicated the functions of your luxury watch are, if it encounters some repairing issues, you should not put it aside. It's not only about its brand value; if you don't take it back to the specialized repairing center for repairing issues, even the normal functions could be affected, which will make it hard for you to read your watch. If your luxury watch can not tell time any more after a crushing accident, you'd better send it back to a luxury watch repair center for fixing before buying a new one.

To maintain a luxury watch over years, you can go to the service center to get it fixed once or twice. It is suggested that you should make your way to the professional luxury watch repair shop at least every two years for routine maintenance to save yourself from troubles caused by poor water resistance, winding problems or minor dust accumulation not covered by the warranty.

Essential Steps To Take  Care For A Luxury Watch


The most important thing that one must take into consideration is the fact that there are more insurance companies that are offering this kind of coverage for luxury watches. And, if you are rather particular with the kind of watch you have, have a high individual value on it, and its original quality is priceless to you, then for sure you would be looking for an insurance policy. Thousands of people have found success in buying watches online with their own insurance, so it is only natural for you to look into one too.

There are many advantages to having an insurance plan for your watch. Though most individuals purchase watches to complement their outfit, it also serves as a luxury accessory. Luxury watches are generally expensive, and no one would want to buy the next watch that will be worn by you now or by your children in the future.


Winding is the process of moving the mainspring barrel of a mechanical watch to store the energy of the mainspring. This energy drives the watch movement through the train. Without winding, a mechanical watch will stop running in a few days because there is no power left to drive its mechanisms. Wound up on the bottom spring barrel.

Winding is an important part of maintaining a luxury watch if you want it to function correctly. A watch that has not been wound regularly will run slow and can eventually stop working.


Cleaning a watch isn’t nearly as complicated or extensive as cleaning your house. You don’t have to dust off every little corner of the watch in order to clean it in the right fashion. But if you’re unable to achieve these results in a timely fashion, it can be incredibly annoying.

Cleaning the watch is necessary to open it for regular service or repair because dust or other foreign materials can reach the mechanism if left unclean. The steps below should help if you plan to clean your own watch rather than take it to an authorized service center.


A luxury watch requires regular servicing to ensure continued good timekeeping. The frequency of servicing depends on the type of watch, how it is used and also on the environment that it is kept in.Your timepieces receive a considerable amount of wear and tear. Although their mechanism may always keep a high level of accuracy, over years your watch still needs to be serviced. Routine servicing also increases the lifespan of your luxury watch.