How to Stop Your Toddler from Thumb Sucking

Thumb sucking, regardless of what you hear, is a completely normal, natural and healthy activity for newborns and babies. Usually, children grow out of this habit by the age of three, if they start it at all, with no physical or psychological side effects.

However, some children do not give up this habit. If it lasts to 4, 5, and sometimes 6 years, your child may be at risk for or already develop some problems associated with thumb sucking. You can visit the Amazon UK website and purchase the hand stopper thumb guard for the same.

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 Some of the problems can include misplaced teeth, whispering, and improper development of the mouth and jaw.

How do you get your child to quit?

Good question and here's the first piece of advice. Do not yell, pry, or worry your child if they are still sucking their thumb. This will only strengthen their thumb sucking habit and make it harder for them to quit. There are several ways to get your little one to stop breastfeeding:

1) Taste – There are products you can put on your child's thumb that have a really bad taste. They are of course completely safe and approved by doctors. This is exacerbated by direct stimulation of sucking the thumb with an unpleasant taste of the thumb.

2) Praise – If the child does not suck his thumb for a period of time, be sure to praise them. It provides positive reinforcement for something well done.

3) Pay more attention to the child – thumb sucking often continues because of feelings of insecurity and a need for comfort.

4) Older children – Let them choose the method they would like to try. This gives them more control over braking.