Slab Leak Detection & Repair Services For Home And Business Owners

Conventional leak detection often included breaking into a slab to find the leak. This is no longer an acceptable way to locate leaks. Don't allow a contractor to destroy your property searching for leaks. You need an expert with much more technical expertise for slab leak repair services.

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Locating your leak without destroying your concrete necessitates the use of modern electronic tools like pipeline locators and amplification equipment. Using this type of equipment, leaks can be located and fixed without disruption to your property. In some cases, only one tile may need removal and replacement.

Well-trained leak detection and repair technicians use non-invasive equipment to detect leaks, which will save you money and time, and avoid property damage that is not warranted.

Once the leak under your slab has been located, a repair specialist can provide you with the repair options available to you. The least destructive, most cost-effective method will be the one you should choose.

Repair options may include spot repair, where the slab is opened at the leaking spot and the pipe is repaired. This method works especially well with newer construction.

Fixing a sewer line that leaks will require professional plumbers, due to the types of piping that are used for sewers. There are also issues related to health since the pipes contain human waste.

Slab leak repairs may take one or two days, for the plumbing work. Finishing up with patching, flooring and painting may add to the total repair time.