Hair Care Tips To Make Your Scalp More Prominent

Although it is a common belief that the hair on your scalp helps in hair growth, a study has revealed that the hair on your scalp actually plays no role in the formation of new hair. That's not to say that you shouldn't take care of your scalp – read this article to learn more about the top five tips you should use for your scalp. You can also consider getting a suitable treatment for your hair from

It is well known that fruits and vegetables are essential for keeping your body healthy. However, there are some other foods which are equally beneficial to the health of your hair and skin. Read on to find out more about these amazing foods.

What is the Scalp?

The scalp is the skin on the head and neck. It is located just below the hairline, above the eyebrows, and in front of the ears. The scalp contains blood vessels and nerve cells that control hair growth. The scalp is sensitive to many things, including:

  •  Hot showers or baths

  •  Washing your hair with harsh chemicals or soap

  •  Rough handling or pulling on your hair

  •  Excessive sunlight exposure

  •  Heat or cold -Tight ponytail, braid or hair tie 

  •  Stress 

The scalp is also one of the most common places that people get cuts, such as shaving cuts and head injuries.