How to Control Weeds in Your Vegetable Garden

Weeds are certainly something that we do not want to see in our gardens. There are many problems that are associated with the accumulation of weeds in the garden and certainly, these are problems that we do not want to find ourselves having to deal with.

Weeds lead to the depletion of nutrients in the soil and at the same time, they provide shelter to pests and viruses that attack the plants that we grow in the vegetable gardens. When you have a weed problem you will often find that your plants are being affected in terms of growth and that's one problem you do not want to see in your home garden.

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They say prevention is always better than cure; hence you really need to get rid of the weeds. There are quite a number of ways to get rid of weeds but not all of these are healthy.

Most people tend to want to use weed killers when it comes to getting rid of weeds in the garden. This is an effective method of getting rid of weeds but certainly not an environmentally friendly option or healthy method. Weed killers can poison the soil that your plants are growing in and make it impossible for the plants to thrive well in the long run.

These weed killers can in turn poison the vegetables and you will find you are eating vegetables that are not healthy. Weed killers are also known to cause serious harm to the environment as they are transported from people's gardens during the rain spells and may end up in the rivers where they can kill fish and many other animals.