Red Light Therapy Tanning Booths

The indoor tanning industry is rapidly adapting to the new "norm" of reducing common UV tanners. Fortunately, some of that sales decline was replaced by increased revenues from sunless tanning kits and now red light tanning therapy beds.

 Most salons offer new forms of therapy in monthly EFT packages. Fortunately, the cost of adding these new cabins and beds doesn't hurt. Because the industry is relatively new, it is difficult to distinguish between the various proposals.

The success of red light therapy depends on the frequency of use. It is important to educate new clients about the number of sessions required so that they are aware that they must actively use the tanning booth or bed to get real results.

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Most manufacturers recommend three sessions a week for 12 weeks, followed by at least two sessions a week. Depending on the equipment, a typical session lasts between 15-20 minutes.

The booth is designed to strictly restore collagen and remove fine lines and wrinkles and do not emit UV rays so your clients don't darken or burn during therapy. It is still possible to use a regular UV tanning booth when using a collagen rejuvenation system, but sun-free tanning can affect results.

It is advisable to purchase from an established manufacturer of tanning kits. Since these have years of experience and experience, they will most likely form a successful unit. Researching and creating a new design can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, and startups usually don't want to pay for it.