Rattan Furniture: Ideal Indoors and Outdoors

If you're looking to redesign your garden or looking to lighten the conservatory area, furniture made of rattan might be the solution that will bring your home to life with the wow factor.

Rattan is a well-known material that is used for furniture production. Its long-lasting properties and distinct appearance have gained it a cult status across the world.

Natural vines are often knitted into patterns to create solid tables, chairs and benches that can accommodate almost any type of design, from exotic, oriental-inspired sun lounges to cozy English country-style gardens.

Rattan has the advantage of being robust, weatherproof, and green. Rattan furniture that is natural is an ideal option for any garden. It will give you the perfect finishing touch to your backyard required to kick back and enjoy watching the world pass through.

Natural rattan may be susceptible to degradation over time, which is why a variety of manufacturers have come up with high-quality synthetic rattan that can stand up to any weather condition.

Furniture made from these resins has the same characteristics as the natural material, however, they can be placed outside all year. It is nevertheless advisable to cover furniture made of faux rattan with a weatherproof covering during periods of extremely bad weather.

Rattan is natural and synthetic, it is extremely light, especially considering its capacity. This makes it simple to move around, which is great when you want furniture that can be moved outdoors or indoors, depending on the mood you're in.