Learning the Quran Recitation Online

It is highly suggested for Islam to recite the Quran. In the words of Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w) declared, "Adorn and decorate the (Holy) Quran with your (good) voice." This Hadees suggests that Muslims must perform the Quran with grace. It is important to comprehend the Quran properly.

It is helpful to take formal education to learn the Quran in the form of recitation. You can also search for online Quran classes to learn the Quran online.

Learning Quran for a Beginner

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In the Muslim world, a variety of words and phrases are employed throughout The Quran Recitation. The most well-known terms and phrases are listed below.

  • Tilawata

  • Qirat

  • Tajweed reading

  • Mujawwad e Quran

  • Modulated reading

The words and phrases refer to the Quran Recitation. It is undisputed that the repeated reading of the Quran is a wonderful source of virtues and benefits which are granted by Allah Almighty. Many believe it is the foundation of virtues that help in the near future.

Alongside the repetition of the Quran, is important for people to understand the significance and meaning of the Quran. If just one word from the Quran is read, it will be a source of the 10 virtues. 

But, if one reads through the interpretation of the Quran, there is likely that the lifestyle of the individual will be transformed. If someone becomes a truly great Muslim by following and understanding the Quran as well as its interpretation, the person is likely to develop virtues over time.