Real Estate Lingo in Singapore

It is not difficult for Singaporeans to identify the terms used in real estate transactions. All of these terms reflect the widespread use of English in the communications field, and this one-time use has resulted in sophisticated real estate that has brought together the four major racial groups into a harmonious whole.

Real estate professionals

In Singapore, professional names and terms are given their proper place in Pullman residences in Singapore. Regarding the terms used for real estate, but the most part, they fail to create a niche to become part of the real estate language.

Real Estate Lingo in Singapore

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The use of English terms in real estate settings is widespread.

Property type

Connected House – 1 of 2 plots connected by a common wall separating the verandah of their car. The common wall is the sidewall of two car porches.

Townhouses – These are houses that are connected in a row and often have paved or grassy yards. Larger versions of this type can have a swimming pool, playground, or gym.

Corner Terrace – This is a plot of land at the end of a row of townhouses that occupies more land than houses with terraces.

Maisonette – The maisonette is a building with one residential unit on 2 levels. The adjacent floors are connected by an internal staircase that leads from floor to floor above.

Shops – A legacy of Singapore's past, the shop consists of a shop downstairs and a living area upstairs. Many of them have been renovated to enhance the original features and trim. They have a small but courtyard open space and are located in the center and east of the island.