Which Types Of Therapy Work On Panic Attacks?

There are many therapies for panic attacks, and if you have panic disorder, chances are you have tried one or more therapies. You must remember that you are an individual and that you must be completely comfortable when starting treatment. Different people report different success rates with many different treatments. Therefore, it is difficult to determine exactly what type of panic attack therapy is best.

If you are against prescription drugs and don't like psychologists, you may want to consider the herbal route. Here you can relax with aromatherapy and massage therapy. You may need to keep a journal to document your attacks. It is a good option to learn about your panic attacks by consulting a psychologist.

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Or, the more conventional way is to make an appointment with your doctor and ask them to prescribe medication to help you. You should combine this with psychotherapy and keep a record of how the drug affects your life and behavior.

There are also methods such as water therapy, which are very popular during pregnancy. This means always carrying cold water to cool your body – just like your car's engine. Physical Therapy – Running, yoga, Pilates, or even kickboxing can also be an option if you enjoy activities. However, it is highly recommended to consult a specialist before starting treatment. Never try to "medicate yourself" with any kind of stimulant. Discuss your health with your doctor and determine the best course of action.