These are the Most Common Causes of Sewer Gas Smell in your Home

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Modern plumbing system plays a massive role from keeping our home safe against sewer gas leaks. There are multiple of reasons behind the sewer gas smell to enter our home. Here are some of the most common causes.

  1. When there are Leaks – In the plumbing system, improper placement of pipes and vents leads to sewer gas to enter our homes. Moreover, installing plumbing vents close to air intake or windows may also force sewer gas to enter. Additionally, cracks are another reason that forces the sewer gas smell to easily enter our home.
  2. When the Sewer System Pipes are Cracked or Broken – Our homes are protected from human waste exposure due to the installation of sewer system pipes. However, sewer gas will creep inside the home if the pipes are cracked, broken or degraded.
  3. When the Air Vents are Blocked – Air vents are installed in our homes to keep toxic gases from entering. But accumulation of dirt and debris blocks the air vents. If this happens then it forces the sewer gas and other bad smells to enter our home.
  4. When there is Dry Plumbing – When the water moves freely through the sewer system, it acts as a shield against harmful gases and prevents it from enter our home. However, water tends to dry out if the drains and toilets are not used frequently. Due to which flow of water goes down and sewer gas and other smell enter our home easily.

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