NEBOSH Diploma In Health And Safety Program

NEBOSH is a UK-based examination board that provides professional qualifications in health, safety, and the environment. Professionals who qualify for the exam receive a national NEBOSH diploma.

NEBOSH emerged in the late 1970s; offers a variety of qualifications. NEBOSH is the body that creates the curriculum and determines the assessment methods. Courses are offered by NEBOSH accredited course providers, there are so many course providers. You can join NEBOSH International general certificate course via Wise Global Training.

The providers of these courses help with proficiency tests, they provide students with well-organized and well-equipped classrooms. Course providers also offer an e-learning process to get training.

There are nearly 400-course providers in 33 countries around the world. Typically, the fee for the NEBOSH certification exam includes the registration fee and session fee for the NEBOSH National Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety.

NEBOSH offers various diplomas such as the National General Certificate of Occupational Safety and Health, International General Certificate of Occupational Safety and Health, Certificate of Fire Safety and Risk Management, International Technical Oil, Environmental Diploma and Gas Certificate, and many others.

Signing up for the aptitude test is very easy. All modules are suitable for any industry as most focus on understanding policy.

Base units:

  • Health and safety management.

  • Work safety and work equipment.

  • Hazardous materials in the workplace.

  • Application of health and safety theory and practice.