Why Your Skin Type Matters For Microblading

Your skin type is important when it comes to microblading. It plays a major role in how your microblading will heal and the rate at which it will fade. 

When referring to “skin type” for microblading, we are talking about how dry and/or oily your eyebrow area is and your pore size. You can even consult a professional for your brows microblading in Bridgend via https://www.ultimatebeautyandhair.co.uk/beauty.

Overview of Skin Types and How They Heal

Normal Skin

You may have a normal skin type if you are not prone to breakouts and your t-zone stays hydrated. Your t-zone is across your brows horizontally, and down the center of your face vertically

The normal skin type will heal very evenly and the color will last the average length of time. You can expect to go 1 to 1.5 years before a touch-up becomes necessary.

Dry Skin

You may have dry skin if your pores are nearly invisible, and your skin often feels tight throughout the day. You may also notice some flaking from time to time.

Dry skin types will heal very clean. 

This is true for all permanent makeup done on dry skin and it is especially true for microblading. 

Microbladed hair strokes will heal very crisp. Dry skin will also retain color for the longest amount of time, usually 1.5+ years. The reason for this is that fewer oils are coming through the skin so the pigment is not diluted, or does not fade, as quickly.