What Is Lawn Aeration and What Does It Do?

Grass aeration is a technique most people use at some point to keep their lawn fresh and healthy year after year. However, at the same time, many people still wonder what lawn aeration is and what it does. This is especially true for those seeking garden care services for the first time. What is lawn aeration and what does it do? Here's a quick overview of the whole process and why it can help your lawn.

What is lawn aeration services?

There are several common techniques for aerating your lawn, all of which do essentially the same thing. Basically, it breaks parts of your floor into small pieces. While this can be done manually, the most common option is a mechanical aerator of one type or another.

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For example, a core aerator picks up the core 1/2 inch off the ground and leaves it in your yard. Usually these holes are a few inches apart, up to 6 inches. Basically, ventilation is a way to add more air to your yard. Usually used in situations where the grass is very dense or heavily used.

What does grass aeration do?

The purpose of aerating your lawn is to give it more "breathing room". When your grass is compacted, your soil will have fewer pores. This pore space serves to hold air and absorb water. When your lawn is compacted, your lawn roots don't get the oxygen, water, and nutrients they need to grow and stay green. Ultimately, this leads to poor "edge growth" and in the long run your lawn will die.

Do you need to aerate your yard?

Deciding whether or not to aerate your lawn can be difficult, but there are a few key indicators that will tell you that you need to. If your lawn is used frequently and your lawn looks flimsy, you may need to aerate it. If your hay layer is more than 0.5 inches or your soil is rich in clay, this may also be necessary.