What To Look For When Purchasing An Induction Hobs

Modern kitchens cannot be complete without an induction hob. The combination of safety design, style, and convenience, is one of the reasons induction hobs are replacing traditional gas stoves. But, when you are buying an induction hob, there are some crucial aspects you have to take into consideration to ensure the hob meets your particular requirements. 

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The 8 Best Induction Cooktops of 2022

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Here we will discuss some of the most crucial aspects you should consider when selecting the best induction cooker.

The Power Ratio of the hob

The first factor you should be aware of when searching for an induction hob is power rate. A higher power rating will result in more rapid cooking, however, it can also be more expensive. Induction hobs typically have a power range of between 1000 and 2000W. Therefore, if you require something to cook more quickly, you should select an induction hob with greater power capacity.

Pre-set menu

To make cooking easier for people using the appliances, a few modern induction hobs have an in-built menu. Based on the type of food you cook, the preset menu will adjust to the desired temperature for the cooker. 

This means that whether you're boiling rice, milk, making roti, or cooking vegetables, the hob induction alters the temperature of the dish to make sure you get perfectly cooked meals with just a step.

Safety features

Another important aspect to take into consideration when searching for induction hobs. Modern induction hobs, come with an automatic pan detection feature that makes sure that heating is turned off when you remove the cookware from the stove. Additionally, if you fail to turn off the cooker, it will shut off automatically if the pan becomes too hot.