How To Avoid Costly HVAC Emergency Service Calls

A facility's comfort, safety, and convenience are all affected by its HVAC system. This includes temperature, heated water, and boiler safety. An HVAC emergency at the wrong time of the year can result in homeowners or commercial property owners being too hot or cold. 

However, it can also lead to a shortage of hot water for showers, healthcare facility requirements, laundry, dishes, or commercial refrigeration problems. You can click to find out what an HVAC emergency is and how preventative HVAC maintenance can help to prevent it.

Preventing HVAC Emergencies

A proper preventative maintenance program will prevent the most common heating, cooling, and boiler problems. Facility maintenance crews need to ensure that system filters are replaced at regular intervals and that coils have been cleaned for optimal efficiency and operation. 

Improper HVAC Service

Sometimes facilities neglect to have a preventative maintenance program in place because they are more concerned with other issues. Proper HVAC servicing is often overlooked until the boiler fails, the water heater breaks, or tenants complain about the temperature. 

HVAC Professional Repair Is Essential

A non-professional should not attempt HVAC service or emergency HVAC repair. Without experience, boilers, high pressure or low pressure, are dangerous to repair. Also, cooling and refrigeration liquids are dangerous to dispose of.