Eyeshadow for Brown Eyed Girls

Some women are lucky enough to be allowed to use any shade of eyeliner and eye shadow they choose. This is the group with brown eyes. You can buy a pretty eyeshadow kit for little girls online.

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Brown is a neutral color that blends well with all colors. The color palette is perfect for you, whether your eyes are deep brown from molasses or lighter shades of milky chocolate.

Many women with brown eyes mistakenly believe they can only use dark colors for their eyeliner or shadow. This is not true. Actually, dark colors can be too aggressive for brown eyes and will cause your natural color to fade.

Your personality and style will determine the color combination you choose for your eyes. For brown eyes, blues and purples look great, but earthy tones like green or brown will make you just as beautiful.

You can either choose a color to match your shadow or if you feel bolder, contrasting colors that will make you stand out.

Applying your color in a trio is the key to creating shadows for brown eyes. It is best to choose a base color that is one shade darker than your natural skin color. The originating shade should be complemented by highlights and lowlights.

Start at the inner corner with the darkest (lowlight) color. Apply the shadow to the base of the eye and crease. The crease and two-thirds of your base can be filled in with the basic color.

Apply a highlighter to the top of the eyebrows. To add drama and sparkle, apply some of your base colors below your lower lashes to give your eyes a dramatic look. The look is complete for the gorgeous brown-eyed girl with a little mascara.