How To Clean Your Lash Extensions

Some people believe that keeping eyelash extensions away from water will keep them for longer, but this is very wrong and has the opposite outcome! Your lash extensions will come off prematurely if you don't clean them.

Yes, always avoid water for the first 24 hours or as directed by your lash technician – but that doesn't mean you won't get it wet forever! It is important that you clean your lash extensions. You can also buy eyelash extensions shampoo and conditioner online.

Improper cleaning or avoiding joint cleaning will create problems that will result in your lashes not holding up as long as they should. Not cleaning regularly or properly also has the potential to cause infection, irritation, poor health/lash growth, and dust mites (yes, this is real!).

Dead skin cells, makeup, dirt, and oil collect on your lash line very immediately! All this buildup will eat away at the joints of your lash extensions and will break down over time.

Dirty eyelashes can make eyelash extensions weak, resulting in extensions that will fall off your natural lashes instead of extending the entire lash life cycle and will fall out when natural lashes fall off.

Dirty lashes don't always look dirty when you look in the mirror, but under a latex lamp with a magnifying glass, the buildup is obvious.

Benefits Of Cleaning Lashes Regularly

Customers who wash their lashes properly between appointments will return with so many more lashes than customers who don't (or don't at all) clean. The filling process should not be performed if there is little or no lash extension left.