Why it’s a good idea to film yourself dancing

You don’t like dancing. You might be worried that you are not good enough and want to improve your self-esteem. Maybe you think you can keep dancing in a studio where only you and your instructor can see it. Is that what you want?

Let’s face facts, you didn’t learn to dance because you wanted to hide it from the rest of the world. It was to improve your self-confidence, to be part of a larger community. Yes, you will be seen dancing sooner or later.

We can’t delay the inevitable so it’s better to know what you look like before they happen. These are just a few of the reasons.

1. It is possible to be more objective about yourself.
Your perception of how you appear to the outside world, no matter what your instructor says, is influenced by your own opinions.

2. It is easier to remember when you are practicing.
Based on personal experience, I would not have recorded what the instructor teaches in a workshop if I didn’t. You won’t need to remember the steps later if you film yourself dancing to them. When you get good at dancing, you can also try the viral video dance challenge online from https://udou.ph/whois/whois-india-vs-phillipines-powered-by-chuzi-the-brand-new-video-dance-challenge/.

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3. Your improvement will be more visible.
Comparing a video of you dancing to an older one can be very rewarding. Everyone around you will tell you that you have made great strides, but they don’t know what else. The video will show you have improved and given you renewed satisfaction when things seem a little bit off.

4. You will feel more at ease with other dances.
Our fear of being judged is often the root of our fear of being seen by other people. Yet, we are often the harshest judge of all.

Filming yourself is a great way to see yourself in a more honest light. We often discover that our mistakes aren’t as bad as we thought. You can forgive yourself for the faux pas, chances are that your audience will.