How to Deal With a Time Limit on the ASVAB Exam?

As an aspiring soldier, you must carry the Military Professional Performance Battery, also known as the ASVAB exam. This is a military version of the entrance exam that will test your knowledge of high school education and see if you can enter the branch you want by giving the practice ASVAB military test at and your chosen field.

One aspect of the exam that students dislike is the fact that each section has its own time. If you have limited time for each question and you spend too much time on some, your timer will expire before you finish and you won't be able to answer every single question.

The timer has a significant impact on the performance of parts such as math where you need to solve math problems without using a calculator. If you have an hour to solve a problem or five minutes to solve the same problem, most test-takers will likely get it right within an hour, while many will skip a question if they only have five minutes.

In computerized tests, the fact that a timer is on the screen confuses many students because the constant ticker makes them nervous. The best way to take your exam is to ignore the timer on the side and go through question after question, focusing on what you know and skipping what you don't.

If your goal is to get 100 percent, you must answer every question correctly. However, most stores require an AFQT score, which translates to a total score of around 50. If you want to enter your chosen branch and job, you are likely to aim for 50 to 70. Anything greater than 70 is considered impressive.