Speech Therapy Can Help Stroke Victims In Campbelltown

A stroke can be a frightening experience for people who have had a stroke and for those who treat it. Often, strokes strike one side of the body or part of the brain, making it difficult for a person to communicate.

Without clear communication, other problems can arise. There are speech therapists who only work with stroke victims to regain their communication skills. You can also check out here to get more information about speech therapy.

Communication problems

Although a stroke victim appears to be able to communicate easily because speech is not blurred or delayed, after the test it becomes clear that they have difficulty asking questions about certain objects, identifying their feelings and expressing them clearly, or may not be able to ask for help when needed.

A trained speech therapist can provide a complete assessment to determine if the problem is language related. If so, therapy can help. If not, the therapist can arrange further tests with a doctor.


When a person is faced with a flight or combat scenario, chemicals are released into the bloodstream which creates heightened awareness. This answer allows a person to focus too much on what they need. For example, if a stroke victim has to go to the toilet but finds it difficult to go alone, it causes stress.

They then focus too much on what needs to be done to get them there and pay no attention to how the caregiver feels. They may click or become rude due to difficulty composing longer words, especially under stress. Understanding the reasons for their rudeness can help the caregiver stay calm and not mind the situation.