Overcome the Fear of Flying Using This Simple Trick

 Our bodies send feelings of anxiety and stress to warn us that we might be in dangerous situations. Of course, while flying may seem dangerous – what with it is so high on the ground and all – the reality is that it is considered safer to fly to the airport. You can " put an end to your fear of flying " ( which is also called "en finir avec votre peur de l’avion" in the French language) to fly fearlessly in an airplane.

Wow! I am sure you are not impressed with these general statistics like me. If all that is needed to overcome fear is simply good news, then life will certainly be much easier for me. I hate myself for letting myself be afraid of flying. I feel like standing not only in my own way but on my family road. I feel I looked after my wife from enjoying the life of the trip she always dreamed of.

You see, I have a complete flying phobia. I was very afraid that I couldn't even talk about my wife. Every time a conversation appears, I feel my body tightens. I feel the level of stress up. I feel the need to vomit. Fortunately, I never did. Our fear usually makes us feel like it is the end of the world. Our minds are clever, they really control our body so we can focus on anything other than anxiety.

When fear or stress, our body causes breathing we turn to shallow breath, chest level. This causes too much air, or too little. This in turn causes the body to increase anxiety and the level of stress. Conversely, at a time of stress or worry, you must force yourself to consciously turn to deep stomach breathing. It will have a calming effect on your nervous system, and send a sense of peace throughout your body.