How to Choose the Best Shampoo?

It can be difficult to choose the right shampoo for you today, with so many products claiming they are the best. Here are some tips to choose the right shampoo for you, taking into account important factors below.

Scalp Type: When buying shampoo, consider the hair type as well as the condition of your scalp. To balance your hair, use a shampoo that cleanses your scalp but leaves your hair silky smooth. You can navigate to this website, to buy hair shampoo according to hair scalp type.

Hair Quality: Different hair types require different shampoos. Before you buy a shampoo, it is important to know what your hair needs are. You need to moisturize dry hair, oily hair requires cleansing shampoos with sulfates. Thin hair will require extra care so use mild shampoos or best for hair fall shampoos .

Acidity- The pH Level: The pH level of the scalp is different from that of the rest. Shampoos with a different pH level can cause hair to become brittle and thinning. Shampoos that are suitable for dry hair should have a pH level below 5.5 to moisturize your hair. To avoid hair damage, do not use shampoos with high concentrations of sulfates unless they contain moisturizing agents.

To determine the pH level in shampoo, you can use pH strips. Easy to use, PH level strips can be found at most drug stores. Simply pour some shampoo into a test tube and wait until the color changes.