Everything You Want To Know About Cloud Migration

Cloud migration must take place in precisely defined phases. All organizational and application data needs to be moved to the cloud in manageable small stacks if you try to customize it. 

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Full Guide to Cloud Computing Architecture with Diagram

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The cloud computing model is one of the latest technological trends. In such a short time, there have been so many pleasantries about its benefits that many organizations and individuals are fully embracing this trend. 

In essence, the cloud computing model involves the provision and use of computing resources as services or utilities that travel over a network such as the Internet or other secure wide area network.

Many companies that have adopted it are already using traditional data centers in place behind personal firewalls to store data and applications. To fully utilize and take advantage of cloud computing, transfer from this data center to the cloud system is required. 

This is known as cloud migration. Although quite challenging, the long-term benefits are well worth it. Let's see what this process is all about.

The first important consideration concerns cloud type, whether it is used privately or publicly. Both have advantages and disadvantages, which must be carefully considered.