Cellulite Treatments What Works And What Doesnt?


It is an FDA-approved massage technique that uses vacuum-based tools. Endermologie® is available at spas, and treatment providers claim that multiple sessions are necessary for visible results.


Ultrasound, or ultrasonic liposculpting, can break up fat deposits, but it cannot reduce cellulite on its own. However, in combination with other techniques, it is a helpful anti-cellulite tool. You can also get cryotherapy treatment for your fat loss, you can even check cryotherapy weight loss results online.

Laser-assisted Liposuction

Liposuction alone cannot improve cellulite. It can only make it worse. However, the combination of laser and liposuction is a promising one. More research is necessary.


Ionithermie cellulite reduction is another popular spa treatment. It uses mild electric current in combination with clay and algae. The treatment area gets covered in this material, connected to electrodes, and wrapped in plastic. The entire process can cause discomfort in some patients.

The effects of the Ionithermie procedure are short-lasting and limited at best.

Lotions and creams

It is wrong to think that topical products do not influence cellulite. However, their effect is temporary, and they require regular daily use to produce any positive change.

Caffeine-containing products, for example, can dehydrate cells and make cellulite less visible.

Retinol is another common ingredient. It thickens the skin, making cellulite less prominent.

Topical retinol products require long-term use for maximum effect. So, it may take more than six months before visible results.

Anti-cellulite creams and lotions can contain different active ingredients. That's why it is vital to patch-test them before widespread application. That's a way to avoid allergic reactions and other unwanted complications.