Are You Considering Otoplasty?

Do you think about otoplasty surgery for your kid? It’s important to understand that the operation is a surgery to repair or replace ears that are excessively stretched. Also, the otoplasty procedure can correct prominent ears.

Children who have endured with prominent ears can find a way to resolve the problem. This is the procedure that is known commonly as ear pinning. You can also find the surgeon for your best otoplasty surgery.

How to Talk to Your Kids About An Otoplasty | Associated Plastic Surgeons

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Although it sounds like something out of the past, however, it’s actually nothing similar to it as the ears aren’t tied, stapled or fixed to any extent.

What happens is that an aesthetic surgeon will take just a tiny sliver of skin from the ear that is prominent before securing the flaps of skin together. In certain instances when the protrusion of the ear isn’t as prominent it is unlikely that the surgeon would need to cut any skin flaps and a little suturing will be enough.

The procedure, which could last up to two hours or more, depending on the number of ears to be reshaped and can be performed by local anaesthesia or general anaesthesia.

The kind of anaesthesia selected will be based on a variety of aspects; typically the younger the patient is, the more likely it is general anaesthesia.

A child of a certain age who is aware of the process might decide with the surgeon and parents to go with local anaesthesia when the procedure is an easy one.

The sutures will dissolve naturally or disappear within one or two weeks. Following the procedure head is typically covered with a secure bandage to ensure ears have the chance to heal. Otoplasty surgery has no age limitations.